Set up small Poultry farms to serve the rural communities


The Borneo Post reported that the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation ( SEDC) has announced that it had from 1998 to 2009 over a span of 11 years offered $1.5 million loans to 65 Farmers to set up Poultry farms in the state. This means that over a span of 12 years, SEDC has offered a total of $125000 loans per annum for an average of $23000 per farmer. As an indication this $23 000 farm would have not more than 2000 birds. We shall call it a small poultry farm.

It would be interesting to find out what was the success rate of the loans , how much of the $1.5 million  has since been repaid and how many of these farmers have become bigger farmers or how many of this 65 farms have since close shop . What have SEDC learned from this results to improve their current project.

There is no way a small poultry farm can compete in terms of production cost with the other bigger commercial farms. This is so especially when this farm is located in the rural areas. Let us not pretend by saying and hoping that these farms can compete with the imported poultry parts which are so cheap.

Having said this poultry farm can best serve the live market of the town’s closet to them. It can provide useful employment to the local areas.  It can be a viable business as well .

I hope proper training will be provided to the farmers. As these farmers are business men they should be trained in how to run a Poultry farm but also the business skills as they must know the Profit and Loss of their business and how much and when they have to repay their loans to SEDC . I would expect SEDC to help them look for finance and to market the products.

I just wonder, shouldn’t SEDC tap the expertise of the bigger successful Poultry farms to be the mentor for the “new “farmers ?


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