A new English language newspaper to be published in Sarawak


Sarawak has 2 English language newspapers: one, the Borneo Post which has the bigger circulation and the second newspaper is the Eastern Time –this has a very limited circulation. For advertisement purposes, it is more effective advertising in the Borneo Post.

Since the untimely demised of the Sarawak Tribune ( the grand old lady of Sarawak newspaper )  in 2006 , the real reasons is still unknown , Borneo Post has monopolized the English language newspapers  . As it happens, BP has become arrogant, and it is very expensive to advertise in the BP. This has therefore put advertisement beyond the reach of small business.

I learned that Sarawak will by mid 2010 have a mre  English language newspaper. It is the local extension of a national newspaper whose mother newspaper is considered the most successful newspapers in Malaysia.  The promoter said as it is locally printed, they can afford to price it at almost the same price as BP.

From the look of it, if the new newspaper is successful, and I cannot see why not, this would hurt Borneo Post. We need more competition in the newspapers industry. And as small businesses, we look forward to cheaper rates of advertisements and an alternative advertisement media to reach different sectors of the market .


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