Are you looking for an affordable BBQ set ?

The bbq hot plate

The bbq hot plate

There are so many interesting, easy and delicious meals you can prepare on the barbecue; all you need is a little imagination. Of course meat, fish, prawns, veggies (corn, mushroom , cabbages  etc) are all good choice. So go on….give it a go!

Apart from the food, drinks and company what you need is a good BBQ set. There is a great variety of BBQ set, from big ones to small one, one which needs charcoal, volcanic rock, gas and even electricity to run. Then there are BBQ set  which is in grill and one which is steel plate.

A friend of mine has imported from Australia (I was told the Home of BBQ) a few sets of new BBQ gas hot plate. He is selling all of  them and you can buy the whole lot or one .

The following is the dimension of the BBQ set .

1. Size: 26 inches L x 19 W inches.

2 . Height from floor to hotplate:  30 inches.

3. Gas Hoses included. Gas Bottle is not included.

They are easy to operate and  maintain. Will last for years. Mobile and can be kept away when not in used .


The Price ?: More or less $700 per unit ex their store in Pending Kuching.

Do you want to ship it outside Kuching? He can arrange this and charge the cost of transport on your account. (I would say it is probably about $50 up to Kuching). Anyway to know more please contact: Ken at mobile number  016 8722862 or you can email them at sunrisedelifoods@gmail.

Enjoy your bbq this evening .


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