Malaysia brain drain


According to a source , quoted by the Star, Malaysia produced over 6000 engineering graduates a year .

Yet Penang has to admit it cannot supply the 1000 Electrical and Electronics Engineers , required by a foreign investors .

Are we saying that the 6000 local engineers produced per annum is not enough or is the quality of the locally produced engineering graduates of poor quality and not good enough ? Or has some/most have gone overseas in search for higher income jobs ?

If some /most have gone overseas , where has the brains gone to ? The Malaysian Insider said ” There are 785,000 Malaysians who work overseas, and an estimated two out of every three are likely to be professionals, said the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF).” Some of the 785 000 workers could be the locally produced engineers who have gone missing .

The MEF further explained ” that of the Malaysian professionals who work abroad, 44 per cent are in Singapore and 28 per cent in other parts of Asia. The rest work in other parts of the world.”

Can we woo them back ? It does not seemed very successful as over the last 9 years only 770 returned to Malaysia to work and some , has since left .

Malaysia needs skilled workers . It is for this reason that ” In the recent announcement for the 2010 Budget, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said new incentives will be offered to attract foreign talent. One of these makes it easier for skilled expatriates to apply for permanent resident status.

Visas will also be granted automatically to working and dependent expatriate family members within 14 days. ” Quoting Straits Times Singapore .

Without this skilled workers , it would be difficult for Malaysia to attract more FDI and to do more knowledge based industries .

In the meantime , we the small business people are anxiously waiting for more FDI which in turn will mean more business for us .

If skilled shortage happens in Penang what is the situation in East Malaysia , do we have enough skilled workers to take us to another level of development ?


One Response to “Malaysia brain drain”

  1. 1 Hee

    LGE is stupid I tell you, what cannot give guarantee? That is very lame excuse! If you are in business, when there is job coming in, you will say yes you can do it, even if you see there might be a problem that you may encounter, you will work long night to make it happen. If you running a business and waiting for everything to be “all right” then accept the job, you will not last long. I say Penang is doom with this attitude by the in-experience CM.

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