On line business : angel-boutique.blogspot.com


Read an article from the NST Oct 25 on http://www.angel-boutique.blogspot.com . For those who are interested in starting an online business , here is a case study for you .

On line business like this is not expensive to set up –in this case the domain name and the webshosting is free.

What you need is a good product and an internet line. Will talk about it as we go along .

The following is copied from NST Oct 25 2009 and happy reading :

” CLOTHES, shoes and accessories. These are three items women can never have enough of. And Angel Boutique (www.angel-boutique.blogspot.com) knows that very well.

Angel Boutique’s main products are women’s apparel and some bags, shoes and accessories. Loh plans to include clothes for babies, men and pregnant women.

Owned by Penang-based Christine Loh, the blog is positioned as a one-stop online shopping space for women.

“Our main products are women’s apparel and some bags, shoes and accessories. They are mainly from Taiwan and Hong Kong,” said the 26-year-old.

“The online boutique is a part-time job for me. I’m actually a systems analyst by day.” It all started when Loh was approached by a friend to start the online business.

“We started our business with ready goods from local suppliers. But the business did not attract many people. It only took off when our business model changed to pre-order stock,” she said, adding that the new model made the goods personal and exclusive in terms of availability.

The boutique, which went live in March last year and later moved to the present site in January, has recorded some 24,000 hits so far. Though happy with the progress, Loh believes that there is still room for improvement. To link to the boutique’s fashion album, shoppers just need to click on the related photo. All the products are shown in the Picasa Web album.

And while the main mode of payment is prepayment through online banking, ATM transfer or cash deposit to the company’s bank account, Angel Boutique also does cash-on-delivery, where shoppers will collect the stock at a pre-determined location.

Loh plans to expand the boutique to include clothes for babies, men and pregnant women.

“Hopefully, this can contribute towards easing the busy mommy and wife’s schedules,” she said.


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