Business printing without leaving the office


Did you miss this article which appeared in Star Nov 22 ? It is something for our local printer to think about . Competition are coming and changes in your business model a must .

Imagine the benefits of using remote printing . If you are a business man in KK and you have to be in KL tomorrow to sign a 10 copies Contract . You could print it in KK and hand carried all of them to KL or ask it to be printed in KL and ask the printer to send it to your Hotel the next day . Think of how much time would you save . Let me quote the story in full .

” Printing leaflets, advertising flyers, posters and business cards are now just a few mouse clicks away.

Hong Kong-based E-print Internet Printing Co Ltd has expanded its online printing services to local customers with the opening of its first overseas branch here.

Customers can visit the company’s website to view its offerings, get price quotations, pay for the services and monitor production status.

“Everything is on one website. Users can do all those and more without even leaving their office,” said Brian Poon, E-print Malaysia managing director.

Artwork to be printed can be submitted via e-mail or uploaded to the company’s FTP server. Customers can also saved their artwork in a USB drive and courier it to the company’s office, said Poon.

Free artwork templates are also available for customers to download to match available printing sizes. The website also includes video tutorials to assist new customers.

Once the print order is ready, the company will alert customers via SMS and they can either pick it up themselves or let E-print courier it to them for a fee.

“E-print Malaysia guarantees that there is no difference between the production from two countries,” said Poon.

Things differ only in the way the company serves and prices their products to suit local requirements, he added.

Like its Hong Kong counterpart, the local branch uses modern and high-quality equipment imported from Germany for the printing services.

It also adopts the same cost control systems to ensure cost-effective production to enable the company to price their services competitively, Poon said.

He also revealed that E-print Malaysia plans to diversify its offerings to include books, paperbags and stickers printing as early as January.



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