Your email is returned to sender . Your inbox is over quota .


Most of us are given a small email storage capacity by our Internet ISP. For example Streamyx’s initial email storage capacity is 4 mb. It does not take many pictures (could be just 4 pictures to fill up a 4 mb storage).

For this reason I find it difficult to get through a streamyx email account of a friend who works as reporter for a local newspaper. He receives continuously a lot of e mails and pictures . He clears his account regularly but he could not cope with the new messages which keep coming in . Soon his account was full and over quota . All subsequent emails then will be returned to sender.

I had the same problem with my 4 mb streamyx email account . This is what I did .

An immediate step is to go to your webmail and manually delete the messages .

Then I was told to go back to my Microsoft Outlook and to check if I have instructed my email setting to leave the messages on the server. I have to correct this to make sure messages are not sucked on the server.

After reading the streamyx’s website, I realised that I could apply to increase my email storage capacity to 10 MB and this is for free. (TM has upgraded Streamyx user’s mailbox space from 4M to 10M. You can upgrade your mailbox from 4M to 10M for FREE via Selfcare at Why should we have to apply for it ? Cant it be given straightway .

By the way is providing for a fee an on line email storage for its Personal and Enterprise Subscribers. If offers a 500 MB to 2 GB email storage capacity. The fee is reasonable at $1 per month for a 500 MB storage capacity ( Personal) and $4 per month for 1 GB Enterprise subscriber . This means you would have a lot of storage space . For more information

Whatever you do , please do some spring cleaning every now and again otherwise your whatever large storage capacity will be full of rubbish .


One Response to “Your email is returned to sender . Your inbox is over quota .”

  1. 1 Md Amin Bin Salleh

    Terima kasih pada TM kerana telah memasang internet ke-premis saya,walaubagaimana pun ianya masih kurang memuaskan kerana ianya slow/lambat,dan kadang-kadang sangkut-sangkut ini menyebabkan pelangan saya merungut-rungut,dan disini saya berharap TM dapat membantu saya mengatasi masalah ini dengan kadar segera yang boleh.buat masa ini saya mempunyai 15 buah komputer.
    kerjasama dari TM amat saya hargai.

    Sekian Terima Kasih


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