The lost of 2 jet engines from a military establishment.


The Star Jan 5 2010 reported that 3 persons have been charged over the theft of two J8521-type engines belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

The Paper added “The jet engines, worth an estimated RM100mil and belonging to the 12th Squadron (Scorpion) based in Butterworth, were stolen in 2007 from the RMAF go down in Kuala Lumpur.
The RMAF only discovered the jet engines missing on May 22, 2008 and a police report was lodged on Aug 4 the same year.
Also missing were maintenance and service record “

It would be interesting to find out how were the jet engines removed from a guarded RMAF going down. Was the lorry carrying the engines checked by the guards at the gate?

My point of making this observation is that we the small business cannot afford to have any of our assets stolen. It would be a blow to us and we may have to close shop. Think what will happen to a carpentry workshop, if its electrical planner is stolen – unless the factory can afford to replace it as soon as possible – the workshop will cease operation and this means a loss of any future income.

However theft is common. I recall of an instance when bottles of (costly) chicken soup were stolen right under the nose of a very strict store keeper. The chicken soup was stolen by one of his worker who stole a few bottles at a time leaving only the cases behind. Over time, he stole hundreds of case and bottles.

I recall the store keeper did physical stock take. He counted the cases, unaware they were empty.
Fortunately, this occurred in a large Company that can absorb the cost.
I would urge small business to maintain proper assets record and keep the record up to date. Does regular physical stock take and do it as thoroughly as possible.

I can imagine the 2 units of jet engines must be quite heavy and large. If it is large, wouldn’t they be missed? Unless of course, people could not care less if it has disappeared.


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