Fiji selling unused tannery equipment .


Are you thinking of setting up a tannery to produce cattle hides to produce chromed and vegetable tanned leather ?

The Fiji Meat Board is selling  their set of unused equipment for sale on the international market .

Please contact them directly for more information .

Read here for more details .

Copied from Fiji On Line .

Theresa Ralogaivau
Friday, January 15, 2010

UNUSED equipment for the country’s only tannery has gone on sale on the international market in a bid to reduce a $1.2million debt.

The tannery, which was operated by the Fiji Meats Industry Board, was closed in 2008.

Fiji Meat Industry Board CEO Nacanieli Yalimaitoga confirmed that bidding has been opened to international players in the tannery industry.

“We don’t have the local market because this was the only tannery in the country and sole provider of leather to shoe manufacturers,” Mr Yalimaitoga said.

“We now have no intention of opening the tannery in the future.”

Fiji Tannery had used the hide of cattle to produce chromed and vegetable tanned leather.

The majority of the leather produced was sold locally, while a percentage was exported to Australia and Tonga.

The bidding closes on February 28 with an aim of the sale being to help pay off the $1.2m loan procured from the FDB for the purchase of tannery equipment.

“We are already trying to pay off the loan from our existing equipment so if we can sell the equipment, then that can go towards servicing the loan,” Mr Yalimaitoga said.

“We will undertake the screening process we expect the sale to be completed by April.”


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