How news of your rudeness can travel around the world in seconds.


Cant you hear , I am talking

I read of this piece of news in the New Sabah Times ” Client regrets Gov Officer rude words “.

This case took place in Kota Marudu in Sabah, Malaysia   and was reported by the Newspaper . You would be surprised that it is being read by anyone in the world from KK to Kuching  to Tokyo .

I know Government Officers  lord over and are rude to  their customers .  Nowadays their customers are very demanding and they know how to publicise their complaint , and with the internet , any reports travel very fast and far  .

Many of us small business also lacks good customer skill . Be warned our rudeness can also spread far and wide  and can cause  harm to your reputation . Be nice to your customer .

Details here :

A resident in Kota Marudu has expressed regret with the treatment he received from an officer at the Kota Marudu District Office he described as rude and unprofessional.

He told Actionline that he went to the district office on January 27 to ask for a certification of some documents but was rudely treated by the officer concerned.

“I went there about 10am and when I asked the staff at the reception counter she instructed me to go to meet a certain officer. When I reached his office he was on the phone. I took a seat outside together with an elderly person, waiting to be called,” he said.

After about 20 minutes he said the officer approached them and asked their purpose of coming.

“The elderly man handed him some forms but the officer in a rude tone told him that its was incomplete without giving proper instructions.”

When his turn came he received the same treatment.

“After he signed my documents I asked him where I could get them rubber stamped. He simply told me that rubber stamping was not his job but the clerks. He also told me that he had other important things to do than rubber stamping documents.”

The complainant was offended by his words.

Actionline contacted the Kota Marudu District Officer yesterday regarding the matter but she said she was never been informed about the incident.”


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