H@L supermarket social contribution


H @ L is a medium tier Kuching based Supermarket chain with 10 branches mainly in the City ( http://www.hlgroup.com.my/web/) . They are organising a donation drive in aid of the Kidney foundation . This is a worthwhile
Cause .

Providing medical attention to the sick is an expensive . For example a kidney dialysis cost a few hundreds each time and how much does it cost if the patient has to do it 3 times per week ? Not many patients or their family can afford it . Of course , we can sent the sick to the hospitals and the expenses to a large extent would be picked up by the Government . But isn’t it fair to expect the private sector to assist the government to fund facilities like this ?

Good of you H and L . And may other corporate bodies helps out as well .

More detail which appears in the Borneo Post ( dated Feb 11 2010 ) are found here :

Local retail-chain operator H&L Supermarket Sdn Bhd (H&L) is continuing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme by launching its full-year fundraising project for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

CHARITY:  Leong (left) and Khoo show the NKF donation box which will be placed in  all H&L outlets throughout the year.CHARITY: Leong (left) and Khoo show the NKF donation box which will be placed in all H&L outlets throughout the year.

Its corporate communications manager Daryl Leong said yesterday the company had decided to go full-force to reach out to the community by encouraging more people to donate towards charitable causes.

“Last year, we held our ‘50 sen For 50 Days-Spare A Change, Save A Life’ campaign with NKF in connection with our 50th anniversary celebration.

“Although it was our first project with NKF on a small-scale basis, the outcome was really encouraging. It goes to show that the Malaysian public is still very much a loving community who would help all they can in aid of charity and the less privileged,” he told reporters during the soft-opening of H&L’s new supermarket at Tabuan Plaza here.

Following the success of the project, H&L will be putting more NKF donation boxes in all its outlets all year round.

“With a total of 30 boxes placed in all our outlets, it is our sincere hope that everybody will continue to support us in our humble effort,” Leong added.

NKF Dialysis Centre’s manager Freda Khoo expressed her appreciation to H&L for its effort in helping the foundation.

“Last year’s campaign has managed to raise about RM1,900 in just 50 days. We are grateful to H&L for assisting us because the patients need all the support they can have from the public. In this sense, H&L has been really supportive of us.

“This year’s programme will definitely help us more since it is being done for the whole year round,” she said.


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