” Smart order ” internet based for ordering from Restaraunt


A Bernama reported mentioned that the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) has created an internet based system called “Smart Order” to place orders for food from the home via the Internet and this is to help small and medium industries to market their products.

“Smart Order” development head, Mohd Idzwan Salleh, said using the system consumers can order food from home from their favourite restaurant and chart lower spending.

“They can choose from the menu and go through the prices of food,” he told Bernama.

He said restaurant operators will fill the order by delivering the food to the address listed in the Smart Order.

Mohd Idzwan said EDDLEE Fried Chicken in Kota Baharu was the first restaurant to use the system. ” .

Such an internet programe is nothing new as there is plenty off the shelf version . I thought that perhaps the UITM version being local made could be cheaper then the others available in town. I was interested to find out how it looked like and how it worked.

However a check revealed that EDDLEE Fried Chicken in Kota Kinabalu does not did have a website ( and if they do , I could not find it )
and if so , how could the customer contact them through the internet . Perhaps they have not implemented the system yet ?

I would suggest that UITM which issued the story should at least provide the URL of the website . It would be more usful then . Would they let us know its cost and where can one buy the programe .


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