Residential Directory Telephone Service Malaysia or commonly called White Pages


I am talking of Malaysia .

We have the Yellow pages which serves as a Business Directory . This is available on-line .

The residential equivalent is the White Pages . It is not on-line and the reason given is this :

“The Residential Directory Services is currently not available as Telekom Malaysia is reviewing its confidentiality policy to properly manage its customer information. The non-availability of the service is temporary and any inconvenience caused is much regretted.”

Yellow pages Malaysia has not been distributing White and Yellow Pages to our areas for years . The last time I wanted a copy I was told to collect it from their office in Kuching . The office was filled from floor to ceiling with uncollected copies . I am curious where would they dump all the uncollected directories ?

As the physical Phone Residential Directory is no more distributed , how can the phone users check the residential telephone numbers ? Why is it so difficult to support an online Directory ? The question of confidentiality is not a valid reasons because residential phone directories are available in other countries . By the way , how would an office users check the residential numbers of some one in Kuching ?

It would probably be a lot more cheaper keeping the Directory on-line , as revision can easily and immediately be carried out . Moreover , Yellow Pages need not have to dump the uncollected copies nor household has to dump all their past copies . The excuse that not many people has internet facilities is also not valid as the Government has been telling us that more and more people are using the internet , and why not check the phone numbers . On top of it , the distribution cost of on line White Pages is nominal compared to that of the hard copy .


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