Even the Natives of Sarawak and Sabah are leaving their home States in search for work .


There have been a  concern with the number of skilled and graduates leaving Malaysia in search for work . Many said Malaysia needs them and our economy have suffered and will suffer for lack of skilled  manpower. Why are they leaving ?

It is now Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah turn to say  even  Malays are leaving Malaysia for greener pastures  . Why ?

If this trend  is worrying the economic planners of Malaysia , then what about the economic planners of  Sarawak and Sabah ?

They should be worried too . I know for sure many of our young people , those who are skilled ( and even unskilled ) and young graduates have to leave the States to West Malaysia and in other countries because of the lack of employment opportunities in their home states.

Yes, lack of employment opportunities is what has driven many of them to work outside Sarawak and Sabah .

I know of many Dayaks in Sarawak who has gone to work in West Malaysia especially in the Klang Valley and Johore . It is believed there could be as much as 4o 000 Ibans in Johore alone . They have left their long houses for work .

We have also heard of a sizeable number of Sabahans who are currently homeless and jobless in Kuala Lumpur . The Sabah Daily reported ” The newspaper’s reports shed light on the situation of Sabahan youths who went to the national capital to seek jobs but ended up in the situation, some not even able to afford food. ”

The Sarawak Government I know have been investing large sums of money on supplementing education in Sarawak. University like Unimas and Curtin Miri have been receiving funds from the Sarawak Government . Yayasan Sarawak has been offering loans to University Students ( needy or otherwise ) and I remember ( dont know if SF is still doing it ) giving scholarship to Sarawak students by the hundreds  to study for their secondary education in West Malaysia .

For all these investments  , the Students , when they graduated cannot find employment in the State and have to migrate to the other States in search for work .

Should this trend not be worrying to the economic planners of Sarawak and Sabah too ?

Details of Tengku Razaleigh interview with www. malaysianinsider.com is given below ( http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/54524-ku-li-even-malays-leaving-tanah-melayu-)

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is concerned that even Malays are getting disillusioned with the state of the nation and leaving the country.

“Something must be wrong in this so-called Malay Land (Tanah Melayu) when they (Malays) are leaving.” said the Kelantan prince during an interview with The Malaysian Insider.

The Umno veteran and Gua Musang MP said people, especially the young, are feeling uneasy over developments in the country and didn’t mince his words when he pointed out that there are signs of decline everywhere.

“There are many Malays in London who are professionals, making good money, who will not return because the environment is not right in Malaysia.”

He added that the negative publicity generated by the caning of three Muslim women and controversy surrounding the use of the word “Allah” is not helping the country.

While the caning may have been in accordance to Syariah laws, Razaleigh said it still negatively impacts the country when it makes headlines around the world for the wrong reasons.

“Investors and tourists are wondering what’s happening in Malaysia, at a time when we need investments, capital and jobs for our young who are also increasingly finding it difficult…”

He said even the non-Muslims are being hauled up for holding hands and cited a case where Islamic authorities barged into a room where a foreign couple was staying.

Razaleigh also decried that race relations are getting increasingly strained because of divisive policies.

He said the government can stage as many open houses as they like but there’s no warmth.

“Of course people will come if there’s free food but it’s not genuine.”

He pointed out that despite the recent assurances on the crime rate coming down, people are still insecure about their safety.

“Even my wife is afraid to go out. Why should we be afraid in our own country?”

He lamented the corruption in the country and how Air Force jet engines that weigh a ton can go “missing” or how the nation’s first submarine, which cost billions, could not initially dive.

“Now that it can dive, we’re not sure if it can come up again.” he said, adding that it may sound comical but it is alarming.

On the streets, he said, corruption have allowed drugs to flow in.

“Malaysia is only a small market compared to New York, but because people are corrupt they allow drugs to flow in.” he said, adding that young minds and lives are lost because of it.

“These are signs of decline which were never here before,” he concluded.


One Response to “Even the Natives of Sarawak and Sabah are leaving their home States in search for work .”

  1. Well said and the only alternative is CHANGE. The opposition taking control of the Federal Government is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time.

    Before you leave (or sacked by) Umno please do me a favour. Demand from the Umno president (and the party) to publicly ACKNOWLEDGE, that they will peacefully & willingly hand over power to the opposition, if and when the opposition takes control of the Federal Govt.

    This I believe is your contribution to a better Malaysia, in the making.


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