eBay –first step , what item to sell .


Had a discussion over tea with a friend who has retired from Government service . He is still young , healthy and should have many more years if he wishes to work .

He said he prefers to be self employed . He says he can put aside $10 000 as his seed money and take it up from there . He wanted to buy and to sell . We agreed why not buy any items at a cheap price and sell them in eBay .com.

Selling in eBay is relatively simple and to some extend risk free. There is no need to hold large stock , no need to do cold door knocking which my friend would not be able to do .

The question is what to sell in eBay ? I know you can sell anything in eBay . It would be good to have a item or items where there is a regular demand in eBay . Have to pick our brain and identify some saleable items .


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