A 16 year old student managing her online business selling contact lenses


I bought something the other day from eBay.com. It was a wooden Russian Doll (also called Babushka) from a supplier in US. I have since received the item and I am happy with the experience.
This is an online business. It is simple to set up and it makes the world your market.

I was reading an article in my.sinchew.com (http://www.mysinchew.com/node/35543) of a 16 year old business owner Chen Jie En who is selling contact lenses on line. Jie En is in Kuantan and her customers are mostly in Klang Valley and Johore . Internet connects all the parties –suppliers, marketer and customers.

Chen Jie En in her office ( store )

Like any business lady she has to spent time on developing her business. This means selecting suitable products, stocking, packing and delivery them to the customers. She spoke of her mother’s experience of being cheated by suppliers (a lesson which is worth a lot of money) and this shows any business is not that simple .

Since she is a student, she has to organised her time to accommodate her business and studies.

She was fortunate to have her Mum as a business mentor. Her Mum is also doing online business. Mum could also be her financier?

Mysinchew.com did not unfortunately indicate her website. I would have visited her website, had I known it and give her my support.
Read here for more details on Chen Jie En and her business. Good luck to Jie En and I wish her well .

Extracted from Mysinchew.com

” Most of the latest and hottest businesses today are related to computer technology as the popularity of internet has made people’s lives much more convenient. Some of them even utilise it for making money.
There is a family in Kuantan which stepped into the field of online shopping business a couple of years ago by becoming owners of some online businesses.
16-year-old Chen Jie En started selling contact lenses online in 2008 while her mother was the owner of an online accessory shop.
She told Sin Chew Daily that it is hard for a person to compete with other online businessmen especially if he is new to this area.

Appointing assistant to handle Q&A

“Since the competition of online business is getting tougher by the day, it is therefore crucial for us to build up our own customer network.”

The interview was conducted in the noon time. Jie En had just come back from school and was seen busily arranging newly arrived beauty products in her school uniform when we arrived at her house.

She admitted that it was not easy to strike a balance between her studies and business at the same time.

She has appointed an assistant to help answer the questions posted by customers in the morning while she is at school.

In the afternoon after school she will be busily uploading her products on the web and packaging. At night, she will handle customer queries through MSN.
The owner of an online business for two years, Jie En has learned to do business and is more than just a Form Four student today.

Earn up to RM5,000

She said the maximum net profit she had made was RM5,000 after deducting the expenses from a gross revenue of RM8,000.

Even though online business seems to be a “low cost and low risk” industry, Jie En said her mother had once encountered supplier fraud and the products she had ordered were not delivered to her having paid the supplier more than RM10,000.

When asked about her plans of continuing her online business after graduation from high school, Jia En said she would further her studies in business administration or marketing, followed by a visit to Taiwan to purchase beauty products before setting up a retail outlet in the future.
Students the main target

It is indeed not easy to make good profits online as Malaysians have just started to purchase online and many of them are reluctant to buy luxury products online. Therefore Jie En said online sellers must conduct regular market studies in order to command the latest trends. Besides taking cue from the experiences of her mother, her schoolmates have also become her survey targets.

“To local people, fashion and beauty products are in vogue among the products available online, and my customers range from teenagers to young ladies in their 20s.”

When asked whether it is common for Kuantan residents to shop online, Jia En’s answer is no, adding that many of her customers are actually based in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. ”

(Translated by LIM LIY EE/Sin Chew Daily)


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