Helping the unemployed graduates ?


According to, “By October 2009, we were looking at 81,046 active graduate registrants on the Labour Exchange – and another 70,747 active registrants who are diploma holders. “

Yes we are talking of a total 150 000 -200 000 (by now) who are unemployed graudates . Unless employment opportunities picked up in tandem with the economy and investment growth, the unemployment situation will become worse and worse. This is so as more and more domestic Universities (40-50 +) churned out graduates by the tens of thousands. Unemployed graduates has become a big issues in Malaysia.

It is a waste if graduates unemployment is not reduced; considering the investment in time and the money spent (even if they are not paying for the tuition fees) to put them through their education.
What seemed to be the problem?

According to a study conducted by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) here are five factors why graduates are unemployed.
1. Lack of Industrial training
2. Poor English
3. Low problem solving skill
4. Job hopping
5. Lack of self confidence

For the graduates in East Malaysia, there is a sixth reason , lack of suitable employment opportunity. I know of many of our young graduates having to move to the Klang Valley and Singapore in search for jobs.

Read below for more details .

Shall we leave this problem with the Economic planners to solve ?
How can we as small business operators assist the unemployed graduates ?

Firstly we must encourage our children to work. It is not a shame to expose them to work even when they are young. We don’t have to expose them to dangerous and hard work. As undergraduate, when they are around 20 -23 years old some form of work will not kill them.

I have noticed that some coffee shops and hawkers centres are employing young Indonesian students on a part time basis. It is true they are not paid well. It is important to realise that this is also an opportunity for them to learn the rudiments of work and live. This is a life experience which is worth a lot of money. It is also a source of future networking.

It is nothing shameful about working in coffee shops or hawkers centres. I know in Western Countries many undergraduates would look for such a jobs. Why not our children?

I would also urge the small business operators to open our doors to the unemployed graduates. Provide them a graduated training say of 3 months or so and give an appropriate allowance. Look at them as your children and help them to learn what working life is. Maybe you are looking to expand and this is an opportunity to recruit your future executives. Even if they leave you, if you look after them well, you retain their goodwill and who knows you may meet and need them some time in future. Hopefully by giving them this opportunity, the unemployed graduates may find this experience useful when they look for work or start their own business in future.


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