Are you interested in a coconut based soap for your Pets.


We have a small but thriving Pets Industry:  this includes Dogs, Cats, Birds and Ornamental Fish.

Most of the Pets are imported and some like cats and dogs are imported from US, Europe and Australia. Even the Kio (fish) is imported.

The Pets industry has grown and there is now not less than 70 dedicated Pet shops in Kuching compared 10 years ago there were less than 5. These shops sells the Pets, foods, toys and accessories and many of the items are imported. Among the imported items, on the shelf, I was surprised to see a locally made coconut soap meant for Pets (cats and dogs).

According to the owner of this Pet shop the soap is of good quality, priced well and sells very well.

" Doggy Soap "

The soap is made from a blend of locally grown coconut, a sprinkling of anti fungal oil and perfume.

The packet says “This is a highly effective insecticidal soap especially made for the control of lice, ticks and fleas in dog and cat. Its weekly use will keep your dog and cat clean and healthy. “And smell nice too!

I visited the factory (located in the Pending Industrial Estate, Kuching) which produces the soap. The company has been involved in making soap for the last 40-50 years and the technology used has not changed much. Perhaps what has changed are the moulds which has to be replaced regularly and that the raw material used when once it was coconut but now oil palm is also being used . The process of making soap is still labour intensive.

With limited production capacity, this factory is mainly focussed on producing soap for the lower end of the consumer’s market.

However when it comes to making soap for your Pets, the soap is targeted for the mid market.

If you want to buy a quantity of the soap please write to me for more details.


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