The good name of Reflexology Centres in Sarawak has been tarnished.


Reflexology centres have mushroomed in Kuching since early 2000. There are now over 100 reflexology’s centres here ( Updated , Kuching South alone has over 106 + There should be 150-200 if Padawan and Kuching North are taken into consideration ) . In Miri there are over 60 to 70. Some of the centres are licensed some maybe not ( updated. with many are not licensed ) .

What are the reasons for the mushrooming of the Reflexology’s centres?

One reason is that there is a market for the services offered by such a centre. Secondly is the availability of shops lots with low rental (thanks to the oversupply of shops building in recent years). Thirdly the lack of other business opportunities in towns likes Kuching as what else can be done apart from coffee shop, Karaoke Lounge, Discount stores and Cyber cafe) ? Perhaps another reasons is the ease to enter into the business (until recently, what is needed is a Business License).

Lack of experience is not a limiting factor. There is a ready supply of masseur, trained or not trained, coming from China. It would appear that there is little difficulty for the China masseur to enter into Sarawak because in the eyes of the Immigration Dept they are “Professional “i.e. in the category of Doctors, Engineers and Teachers. I do hope being classified as “Professionals “one expects the masseur to be professionally trained and be a member of a recognised Professional Institute. Are they?

Some of these Centres do legitimate business. Rumours had it that some do not and are instead dens for immoral activities. This is sadly the position of this so called Reflexology Centres.

Good reflexology centres serves a good purpose . Unfortunately the good names of the goods ones have been tarnished by the unscrupulous ones. Do you still want to invest in a reflexology centre ?

Read here for more details.

Copied from March 16 2010 .

” THE recent years have seen a big boom in reflexology and massage centres here, raising concerns that some could be dens of immoral activities.

Foreign female workers are hired in many of them and there are murmurs on the streets that some are offering sexual services to customers.

Such concerns led to the implementation of the Reflexology and Health Establishment By-Laws 2009, which gave local authorities the power to regulate these centres.

In the past, proprietors only had to apply for business permits from the Inland Revenue Board or District Office.

Under the Kuching City South Council (MBKS) jurisdiction, there are 106 of such centres.

“The council will not hesitate to revoke the centre’s operating licence if found to be doing immoral activities,” warned MBKS mayor James Chan.

He conceded that there were talks that some centres were offering more than just reflexology but to date, the council had not received any official complaints from the public.

“We have our enforcement officers going together with the police and immigration officers to carry out spot-check on these centres and entertainment outlets. So far, operators are complying with the by-laws and I’m quite satisfied with it,” he told The Star.

He added that immoral activities could happen anywhere and therefore, concerted efforts involving the community and authorities were necessary to address the issue.

Chan said the council had given briefings concerning the Reflexology and Health Establishment By-Laws 2009 to all the affected parties.

Besides hygiene, he said all premises must be lit up brightly and individual massage room should not be enclosed.

“Operators are given a grace period of between one and three years to comply with the conditions concerning the interior design of their premises,” he said. “


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