Has the Local Government in Sarawak the authority to sign Trade Pact with a City of another country ?


A few days ago the Borneo Post carried a piece of news that  “THE Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) has formed a pact with Ningde Municipal People’s Government of China to promote bilateral trade between both parties. “

I wonder if this “Trade Pact “   is it within the official purview of SMC?  If it is not then the news is just PR spin.

I hope the SMC has the authority to promote business opportunities for the people of Sibu.

I am aware the SMC is supporting the tourism industry and this is a good thing to do.

From what we know Sibu is not growing as fast as Kuching, Bintulu and Miri. If nothing is done to rejuvenate the economy it would soon be running in the same lane as Makah.

In my opinion SMC should be  friendly with the business community as the growth of the business community will determine the growth of Sibu and hence of SMC herself.

I welcome your comments the role the Local Government can play in promoting business activities in their locality ?

Going back to the SMC Ningde Trade Pact , what action plan has  SMC develops to take the SMC Ningde Trade Pact  further ?

The Borneo Post article is quoted below :

Picture shows representation of gifts.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between both local authorities here.

Symbolic: Chen Hui (fourth left) presenting a painting as a souvenir to Tiong (fifth left) during the visit to SMC.

SMC chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King told reporters that besides business opportunities, the MoU also promoted tourism and culture between them.

“The province of Ningde is famous for its tea. It also has a good transportation network. Their deep-sea port can handle large cargo of up to 250 tonnes. We can learn from them in these areas,” he said.

Tiong added that local businessmen should seize the opportunity to invest in the province.

The Ningde Municipal People’s Government, he added, would send a cultural troupe to participate in this year’s Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) which would be held from July 16 to 25.

The delegates led by their deputy chairman Chen Hui are here until tomorrow to study the business potential of this town.


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