A hotel in Singapore


Was in Singapore for a few days and did some business in the City. I am impressed by the no nonsense way Singaporean do business. But unfortunately I am not impressed with the efficiency of the hotel, I stayed in.

The Hotel I stayed was once a 5 stars hotel. Not now. But it is still a popular hotel.

The rate is about RM $ 1000 per day so I should say it is not exactly cheap.

These are my observations.

Firstly the internet service provided to the rooms. For most of the time I was there save for the last evening, the internet was running at 56 kps. This is the same speed as our dialed up. This is certainly not Singapore. When I reported this to the Reception Counter I can’t understand the explanation given. It was only my last evening there that the speed was 7 mbs. What a change and what happened in between?

I have overhead a European lady complaining about the condition of her room. The receptionist tried  to explain and whatever she said, if I can’t understand, I wonder if the European lady could? She walked away in disgust.

Now is my turn. It took me 60 minutes to check out. Had to wait in the queue for at least 45 mins. . I was first on the line and waited 45 minutes for the case of the one in front of me.

Whilst I waited, I could see that there were  8 front line staff in the reception/check out counter but only 3 were actually working. The rest ?

I got fed up and demanded some one to deal with me. Only then some one turned up and still it took him 15 minutes to check me out. Another hotel would have taken 5 minutes to clear such a simple case.

I enquired why it took so long. Reason given we have just changed the system. That  was 5 months ago. The changeover should be completed by then.

I am not impressed with the efficiency of this Hotel. More details next post.


2 Responses to “A hotel in Singapore”

  1. 1 rc

    Lousy service and hotel ? The hotel owner and receptionists must come from Malaysia. A lot of Sibu and Sarikei people works in Singapore.

    • 2 smallbusinesspost

      The Hotel is owned by Indonesian . I knew it because on my second day , I noticed a obituary in the Strait Times Singapore on the death of the mother of the Indonesian family associated with the Hotel .

      But this is not the point . The staff may not be highly trained and it consist of Indian and Chinese National . There would be Malaysian there too .

      I am afraid the Hotel system is rather old fashion .

      Obviously this hotel requires more upgrading .

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