A web tool which will enable customer to design a cake on line


I was introduced to this website “https://www.fergusonplarre.com.au “

Fergusonplarre.com.au is a 100 years old bakery business based in Melbourne, Australia.  Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses are  famous for their desserts, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, award-winning meat pies and Tiddly Oggies sold through their 32 franchised store throughout the state of Victoria, in Australia .

A Bakery

A business magazine Dynamic Business wrote that  with a view to growth the company has commissioned a website developer Reactive (http://www.reactive.com/) to design a new website that would measurably contribute to sales and the marketing of the business .

I have found this website  helpful and innovative. It has many features which other Bakery could incorporate in their websites.

As an example the website has incorporated e-commerce which will allow the customer to make on line purchase , make payment and nominate one of the retail outlet for collection.

Another feature of the website is it incorporate a web tool which allows the users to design their cake online.

A web tool which will allow the customer to design and order the cake online

Here is a description of this web tool (https://www.fergusonplarre.com.au/designacake/)  and I am extracting this from a review of the website ( Dynamicbusiness.com may.10 ) .

“Users can upload image or choose from a library, enter messages and arrange them online. Having previewed their cake, customer can securely place their order for collection in store. Developed to be user friendly and intuitive. The Design Cake Tool is a key strength of the site, giving customers the ability to make online orders in a fresh and creative way. “

Apart from giving a visual of how the cake would look like, the website would also quote for the cost and the nutritional specifications of the cake.

The review added “The Design Cake Tool has been extremely successful in increasing sales. It has created and entirely new revenue stream and has encouraged people that would not normally consider ordering a personalised cake for an occasion to do so “.

Go and pay them a visit at http://www.fergusonplarre.com.au/index.html.


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