Public holidays and more public holidays to look forward to .


A Calendar of Public Holidays in Malaysia 2010.

There is nothing much I can do about Public Holidays. The workers loves it , who would not ? . It is only those who needs their service and who pays for their holidays are worried when there is too much holidays around .

June 1 and June 2 2010 were Public Holidays in Sarawak to celeberate the Gawai . June 5 will also be a public Holiday and would it spill over June 7 as well ? This means some workers will not be coming back until June 8 . My small business is going to be affected . The month of June could be a bad month .

This morning I rang up my supplier . He is affected too as many of his workers have gone on leave . He says his store ‘s effeciency must be less than 50% . Sorry no delivery until June 8 or 9 . O well , he could catch up he thinks . I hope so .

This make me check the Public Holiday list of 2010 . I noticed that from Aug 31 to Sept 16 , a span of 17 days there would be 4 days of Public Holidays and I have not included the weekends . I just wonder the extent this would effect our business . Have to plan ahead to mitigate the effects.

I know the Civil Servants loves . I a small business owner are scared of it .


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