Tasconi Pizza of Brunei will be in Sabah soon .


The Brunei Times on June 4 2010 reported that Brunei owned and based “Tasconi Pizza”will open an  outlet in Sabah in 2011. The outlet will be a 50 ; 50  joint venture between Tasconi Pizza and the SEDCO Sabah  .

It is understood the first outlet would be in Kota Kinabalu .

Tasconi Pizza was formed in 1994 with the concept of take-out and delivery pizza. It offers halal pizza, with a variety of flavours, marketed as “traditional Malay-flavoured pizza”.

According to the news report Tasconi Pizza started out with three outlets and then ventured into Miri. In 1996, it ventured into Singapore with its first Tasconi Pizza outlet in Tampines, a residential area in the city-state.

Now that Tasconi Pizza is well established in Brunei , and having developed  proper management system of their own , going to Sabah now , is a step in the right direction . But new territory will bring its own problem . I am sure Tasconi Pizza has the experience and the financial resource to over come whatever problems that might arise.

Hjh Sapurahbee Hj Ibrahim, director of Tasconi Pizza, during a press conference yesterday, said  “We will also consider other countries like Indonesia and even the Philippines because we are looking towards the Asean markets,” she said.

She added, “We chose to start in Sabah because we know most Bruneians like going there and when they do, they will know there is a Bruneian product which is halal that they wouldn’t doubt. So we cater to them for these products and when they’re there, they can still get our products.”.

I was hoping to find Tasconi Pizza’s website . If I have found their website I meant to search for more information on them . Unfortunately , I could not find the website at all .

I would have thought getting a website is the no 1 priority for any company looking to invest beyond it shores .

I wish Tasconi Pizza well in Sabah .


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