Census in Malaysia July 6 to Aug 22 2010.


The Borneo Post of June 10 10 , reported that “The Housing and Population National Census” of Malaysia will be carried out in Sarawak from July 6 to Aug 22.

The last census was conducted in 2000 when it was established that Sarawak ‘s population was 2 million . By now with a 2% growth rate , the population is expected to be 2.5 million . It could be more as with the opening up of new oil palm plantations, there have been an influx of Indonesian legal or illegal migrant workers. I hope we don’t have to suffer the Sabah’s shock .

I do hope from the census, we would be able to establish the number of Sarawakian who have left Sarawak to West Malaysia and Singapore for work . My contention is that up to 50 % to 60 % plus of our graduates are working in West Malaysia and Singapore and some overseas because of the lack of employment opportunities in the State.

I wish to call on all to cooperate with the Census team .

Details here :

The Housing and Population National Census will be carried out in the state from July 6 to Aug 22.

OFFICIAL IDENTIFICATION: (From left) Lee, Mawan and Ose show the official items and documents that the enumerators will carry during the census.

The census is to collect up-to-date and comprehensive data, which Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom said is vital for the state to carry out development programm
He hoped the people will give their full support and cooperation to census enumerators.
“The most important thing about the census is to enable the government to plan the facilities for the development of the state and people, so I hope that the people will give their full support,” Mawan told a press conference yesterday.

He said the census will give the government a true picture of the people’s needs and what they should enjoy.

The last census held in 2000 recorded the state as having a population of two million.
Mawan stressed that all information disclosed would be kept confidential as stipulated under Section 19 of the Census Act 1960.

A joint operations room will also be set up — involving the police, Statistics Department, Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation, and State Secretary’s Office — to ensure the census is carried out smoothly.

The people can direct their calls to the operations room if they have any doubts, said Mawan.
“This will be a massive exercise because we do not want the information to be leaked out and to prevent impostors,” he said adding that enumerators will have proper identification documents.

Households that could not be reached will be given forms to fill for collection on a later date.

Meanwhile, 2,173 enumerators and 348 supervisors are currently undergoing training to prepare themselves for the census.
On laws to prosecute those who refused to cooperate, Mawan referred to Section 19 of the Census Act 1960.

“Yes, there are laws, but we are not going out to prosecute people. All we want is for them to give the full support and cooperation to the officers.

“We are finding ways and means to put aside public worry on the census,” he said.

Also present during the press conference were Deputy State Secretary Datuk Ose Murang and Statistics Department state director Lee Ting Siing.

Lee said the state’s population is estimated to be about 2.5 million at present, an annual growth of 2 per cent.


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