I have wondered what will happen to retired shipping containers . Made of thick steel, they are very strong and can last for years  . What do you do with them when they are retired ?

This is a 20 ft shipping container .

There are basically two types of shipping containers : 20 ft and 40 ft. There are containers for dry goods and there are refrigerated containers .

I have seen both types of containers being used in Kuching : as construction site offices , and as stores .

I have seen an article where retired containers are used to provide accommodation for prisoners in New Zealand .

The good points about using these retired shipping containers as accommodation are :

  1. It would take less than 2 weeks to set up and be ready for use . We have a Prison in Kuching which was built in the mid 1990’s and is still not ready for use . If they had used the containers the Prison would be used by now ( just a slight joke ) .
  2. It is strong and requires little maintenance
  3. Extremely difficult for the Prison to escape as they would require electrical drills to make any escape holes at all
  4. Probably cheaper than big buildings .
  5. Just the correct size for a room and a table .
  6. It is mobile and can be moved and re used in another location.

I will give you some pictures of the 23 shipping containers Prison based in Rimutaka Prison in   , New Zealand . The Prison is  made up of 23 containers, with double bunks and some singles, to house a total of 60 prisoners .

Side view of a block made up of a few containers .

The inside of the container . There is enough space for 2 to 4 bunks and even a toilet . Please note the gentleman is a reporter of NZ Herald .


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