Halal meat importation into Malaysia


This is an excerpt of an interview with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) regional manager for Southeast Asia and Greater China Aaron Iori. Extracted from the Star.

“On average, Malaysians consume five to six kg of beef and two to three kg of mutton per person per year compared with 35-36 kg of beef and some 20-plus kg of mutton by Australians. The consumption of these food items is expected to surge despite the unfounded belief that they are not healthy food,’’ he tells StarBizWeek.

Malaysia’s total beef imports worldwide last year stood at 107,840 tonnes, out of which 10% was from Australia. In 2004, it was 121,221 tonnes . “

My comment :

From 2004-2009 , why was there a drop in the importation of Beef into Malaysia ? What happened, are the consumers eating more Chicken now rather than Beef ?

Secondly , Malaysia imports its requirement of Beef mainly from India ( maybe around 70 % to 80 % of its requirement ) , Brazil ( another 10% ) and Australia ( 10 % ) . Product is mainly in frozen form .

Thirdly, Sarawak and Sabah are selective in allowing the importation of Beef into their states inorder to protect their FMD status . For example Sarawak officially does not allow the importation of Indian beef into the State


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