Grass Shredding machine for use in Goat’s farm .


Met a Goat farmer from Serian, Sarawak the other day.

He started his 2.5 hectare Goat Farm three years ago with animals he initially purchased from the Dept of Agriculture, in Kuching, Sarawak.

From his initial stock of 30 heads of imported “Boer‘s Goats “, this has multiplied to 50 now.

He has invested over RM $ 70 000 on his farm and this has not include his wages, which is not costed in   .

I remember in the old days goat farming is a tedious work of having to house the animals in a small farm house and then having to lead them each morning to the road side where grass is and then leading them back to the farm house in the late afternoon.  Imagine how you could handle 50 goats this way.

Our “Serian “goat farmer has planted Napier grass which grows very well in his farm and he collects the mature ones and chops them up into smaller pieces. Napier grass looks like sugar cane and chopping by hand takes 2 to 3 hours a day. It is hard work and this caused his blistered palms and aching muscles.

This is” Napier grass “.

Napier Grass ( Copied from this website (with thanks)

I have also copied this from YouTube and it shows the “Boer “Goats eating Napier grass. The animals are housed in a well designed goat shed.

Of course, he can handle say 50 heads and there will always be a family member who can help him with the chopping. But if you have say 75 head to 100 head then it would take twice as long to chop by hand. By then there are others chores ( farm and business )  to be done. This is when this job cannot be done by hand and a machine is required.

I consulted a Veterinary Officer of   the Dept of Agriculture and asked him would he recommend a machine which could chop the grass into smaller pieces.

He suggested a machine called ” Shredder ” which chops not only grass but also branches from trees of not more than 10 cm diameter. The chopped grass can be used to feed the animals.

He advised that the shredder:

  1. Should have Safety features
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Strong and with low maintenance. This is important as most farms would not have mechanic to look after the machine.
  4. Easy to repair if needs be.
  5. Not too expensive
  6. In the rural areas , it would be best to get a shredders which operates on petrol rather than electricity

This is a shredder I found in YouTube which can be used to chop the grass. Because it can chopped a large quantity of napier grass within a short period of time , this machine would probably be useful where the farm has at least 100 heads of animals.

Below  is a picture of an Australian made shredding machine sold by a shop in Kota Sentosa in Kuching, Sarawak. If you need further information, do let me know and I would be happy to give you their address.

An Australian Shredders suitable for farm use . copied from


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