How your beautiful teeth will be affected by too much Coca Cola.


I was told that F and N will, in a short while, cease to manufacture  Coca Cola in Malaysia . Coca Cola will do it themselves . In today’s Star, I learned that Permanis will continue to produce Pepsi Cola , on behalf of Pepsi Cola ,  for the next 10 years. Business must be good for Malaysia and Brunei No 1 and 2 drink.

I have received an email from a friend with a short note that too much soft drink like Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola will erode the enamel of your teeth and thereby exposing them to decay.

The operative word is too much and how much is too much ?

I have a friend who drinks coca cola from morning to night. No water, no tea or coffee. He was fat all right. I was told he had diabetes. Don’t know if this is due to his diet. What I do know is that without his favourite drink he suffers from withdrawal syndrome and becomes jittery the whole day . He was addicted to the drinks .

Have a look at this video on the effect Coca Cola (and I suppose Pepsi Cola too) will have on your teeth. Please bear in mind that as far as I am concern this is not a bible truth , see it for yourselves.


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