Why was www.smallbusinesspost.wordpress.com deactivated for 3 days ?


WordPress.com has a comprehensive list of Terms of Service ( TOS ) which clearly states what a blogger can do and cannot do . This is fair enough knowing how litigious our society is . I thought I understood the TOS .

The last time I blogged , I was writing on the extract of Gambir . I quoted an information from a website ( oop , I cannot mention its name ) and acknowledged the source of information . That was it . Immediately after i clicked on the ” published ” button , I was informed that my blog could have infringed on the TOS and the blog was deactivated .

Many of my friends contacted me and asked me what is happening ?

What did I do ?

I checked the Forum and there were a few incidents in the past which sought advice . I wrote to the support @wordpress.com and was told that the problem is a link or the mention of the name of a certain website .

I tried a couple of times to delete the offensive word from within . But to no avail and the blog remained deactivated .

I then wrote to support again and told them that the link has been deleted . Two minutes latter , the blog was activated .

The moral of the story ?

Be prepared for your blog to be deactivated because of the presence of the name of certain website . Dont worry write to support to explain . Support is efficient and I get their reply within minutes ( assuming that it is their working days I suppose ) .

Here am I again and you are welcome here anytime .


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