On line shopping : it must be cheap, efficient and fast


I was told that for one line shopping to be successful it must be supported by an efficient low cost distribution system .

This is how my Korean friend desribed what happened when he bought a few computer parts from the Internet . He was in Seoul and so was the shop .

He bought the items sometime at 5 pm online . He paid for it through his credit card . He was told the item would be delivered to him the next afternoon .

The next day at 10 am , the courier picked up the items from the supplier . My friend knew it when he logged into his account with the supplier –the information was already updated and possibly immediately . By 3 pm , the goods was delivered to his address . He signed for it in the little black box. The moment he signed it , the information was flashed to the supplier’s website and my friend ‘s account was automatically updated . All done in 2 seconds .

In fact , 5 minutes after he had signed for the items he checked with his accounts with the supplier and he realised all the transaction was updated .

He told me that delivery caused him about 2% of the invoice value , and he did not mind it because it saved him much time and transport cost of picking them up himself .

I suppose for our on line shopping to be successful , the transaction must be cheap , efficient and fast .

Something for us to think about .

We have our broadband which is good enough for on line shopping . Unfortunately the cost of courier is still expensive .

But our Post Laju and Bus transport are unfortunately far from cheap .

Perhaps some one can come up with a efficient and a low cost system for distribution of goods ?


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